Why You Are Here

You found this site because you are lost. Something is missing in your life. you have found you don’t fit in with most of society; the overall goal of standing out, making a name for yourself simply isn’t satisfying. there is something missing.

The Submissive Man
The proper position of the submissive faggot.

In fact, the closest you come to filling that hole is while serving. Being useful, subservient to a superior being adds meaning to your life. you feel joy, fulfillment. In serving, you find you perform tasks better, sleep better, work better, and add a sense of being. you have found you crave this, and need to give in to this very real need.

This craving takes multiple forms. Naked, kneeling, sweating, heart racing as you stroke your cock looking up at a Master; refreshing your emails over and over as a Master drains you harder and faster; spreading your legs on cam, exposing everything as Master takes screen shots: all aspects of serving, all cravings you have, all becoming more and more a common occurrence.

This site exists for you to learn more about your cravings, your needs. you will be used, raped, fucked over, drained, and humiliated even as you learn and grow in your submission. Serving a superior God adds meaning to your life, and that meaning will be determined by your Master.

You are, and always have been, a faggot. Craving the power of superior beings, needing to feel used for the betterment of the Master. you cannot hide what you are faggot. This is your new home. Welcome to your new life.


Therapy for the Financial Faggot